Our works aim to showcase the talent of female artists from around the World. Here are a few we have collaborated with.

Anne-Lynn Bancroft

Meet Anne-Lynn, our graphic design extraordinaire! She’s been a graphic designer for over a decade and worked for quite a few companies before going solo. In fact, a few years back, her and I were colleagues in the marketing department of a large Canadian retailer. We’re happy to be collaborating with her again since 2020. In addition to designing our logo, she works on all our books by designing the covers and laying out the inner pages. She even designs our bookmarks! During her free time, Anne-Lynn enjoys gardening, painting lovely creations and spending time outside. She lives in BC with her husband and her naughty little kitten, Charlie.





AIMER le plein air
Nadiia Chaban

This is Nadiia, the talent behind the illustrations of our first book. In addition to having been an illustrator for over 5 years, Nadiia, along with her husband and two children, operates a workshop which creates and sells accessories for outdoor lovers. During her free time, you can find her rock climbing or spending time in nature with her family. Nadiia lives in Ukraine.


ÊTRE travailleur essentiel
Maria Octavia Russo

Introducing Maria Octavia, the brilliant and bubbly artist behind our second book. With a background in fine arts and philosophy, Maria has been illustrating children’s books since 2014. Her passion for art is contagious and has allowed her to collaborate with clients from all over the World. During her free time, you can find her drawing, reading about astronomy and listening to some good tunes. Originally from Bolivia, Maria migrated to Argentina, where she lives with her boyfriend and their three cats.


DESSINER l'univers féerique
Maja Dzepovska

This is Maja. She comes from a faraway land called Macedonia, where forest nymphs still exist! After Maja received her diploma in Fine Arts, she ventured into the woods and spotted a beautiful and delicate nymph. In fact, it was so breathtaking that Maja started to draw her. From that moment on, Maja became a real illustrator! Now, 6 years later, Maja is the illustrator of many storybooks, cartoons, and video games. She’s worked for Lynx Animation Studios and was also a team coordinator at Bibiland, a multimedia company which creates content for children. She recently landed a position at Crazy Labs, a mobile game publisher. In her free time, Maja can be found curled up reading a good book or wandering in the forest searching for nymphs and butterflies.







Un petit récit sur le bilinguisme
Mila Aydingoz

This is Mila, the talented artist who developed the main character for our Loulou la superlinguiste series. A polyglot speaking Russian, English, German, Turkish and French, Mila was the perfect person for illustrating this series which aims to teach linguistic concepts to children. Mila holds a degree in Publishing and Editing and a degree in Brand Management. She’s been an illustrator and graphic designer for over 3 years now. When she isn’t behind her computer screen, you can find her expanding her collection of dolls and travelling the World. Originally from Moscow, Mila moved to Bursa, in Turkey, where she now lives with her husband and three children.